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BatchUp! is a utility to automatically upload files to (almost) any HTTP-Upload-site. A real upload manager, working just like a simple download manager, the only difference is that the files are not downloaded but uploaded. If you can upload files to a specific site with your browser, then BatchUp! should be able to do the same for you (unless the site is bot-hostile and asks for a CAPTCHA, uses nasty JavaScript to obfuscate the page or something similar).
BatchUp! works great with the following scripts/hosts: CrazyWWWBoard, Way-Boards, various image-boards, mod_uploader, Sn Uploader, XFileSharing and some commercial sharehosts.



In short: Give BatchUp! the files and templates, start it, and do something better in the meanwhile instead of watching your browser, starting each file and restarting broken uploads manually for hours.


System Requirements

Windows 95 or better. I tested with 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP and 7 myself and got reports from other users that it runs fine on 8 and even with Wine on a current Linux or Tails system. Installation instructions are included in the downloads.


Program Download

A few generic Templates are included in the setup already, but for current uploaders download the Templates collection and check it regularly for updates (see Upload Templates below).
The included helpfile is also available here as updated online help.

Latest changes:

1.4.26:SOCKS-proxy interface added, so Tor can be used directly without Privoxy.
Support for password- and cookie-authentication for the Tor-controller added.
Workaround for sites that redirect to https, makes some of them usable again.
Two more Template control commands added to support more hosts.
Temporary saving of download URLs, option for always including/excluding original filenames in the list.
Better time estimates and some overall improvements.
Some issues on Windows 7 fixed.
1.4.25:Automatic host rotation will now start with a random Template instead of always starting with the first one.
1.4.24:Fix for some misconfigured hosts where Templates wouldn't work properly.


Upload Templates

I'll try to add and update Templates here as I make them, but since uploaders and sharehosts change all the time, that's pretty tedious and will always be work in progress. If you encounter any outdated or broken Templates, or if you want a specific host added, please tell me! Best is, you always download the zip and extract it directly into your Templates folder, overwriting any old files. Check the README.TXT from time to time for changes and new additions. Whenever I add or change anything, the example-rotate Templates and the zip are updated automatically.

Note: Templates and hosts are only checked if uploading works correctly. Some servers may be unusable for certain posting scenarios, e.g. they may require cookies or JavaScript for downloading, so you always need to choose yourself what is usable for you.


Additional Notes

I've taken great care of the code and tested it a lot with different systems, but there's always the possibility that something could go wrong, so use the program at your own risk!
BatchUp! was developed on Windows XP with Visual Basic 6.0, the package is signed with my PGP-key. Check the included signatures to make sure the files are genuine and not compromised by anyone, at least verify the MD5-checksums to make sure your downloads are ok. If you understand a bit of Visual Basic, by all means, please check out the sourcecode! I hope it's not necessary to point out that this program contains absolutely no spyware, phone-home components or any viruses.
Feedback is appreciated, and if you create your own Templates, feel free to send me a copy, so I can include them here. If you want to support the program, do some more public posting!

Happy uploading! :-)

Lucky Eddie


P.S. This is still the last "Windows only" version and I decided to make it public, so feel free to share the program with your friends, or better just send them here! Bugfixes and small additions may still happen if needed. Whenever I'll get to it, the whole thing will be rewritten cross-platform with a better upload-template system. Don't hold your breath though, this may take a while...