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LE CHAT is a simple, yet highly customisable webchat and should work with virtually any browser. Only frames and HTML/CSS are used (frames and CSS optional even), no cookies, no JavaScript and no plugins are required. The server just needs to support Perl CGI-scripts, with standard modules installed. (Some of the optional CAPTCHA-modules will require a bit more though.)

First, a big shout-out to all the helpful people, chat admins and developers out there who have used and improved LE CHAT, even ported it to PHP. I never imagined that my little script would have such an impact and so many good things would come from it. You guys are great! :-)
Many thanks for all your feedback! There's still a lot on my TODO-list and I'm not running out of great ideas anytime soon. Of course I can't implement each and every of your ideas, but I'll surely consider the good things that stick. I'm very conservative with features and I want to do them right, so I'm not rushing out anything before it's bullet-proof (as good as possible). I rather like to provide a stable and secure base to build upon.
It's great that so many of you experiment with new features and try a lot of new things. Keep up the good work!
A special thank you goes to my trusted group of testers who helped me a lot and had to put up with my mood swings at times. Sorry for that and thanks again for all your help, guys! ;-)


What's new in version 2.0?

Furthermore there are some inconsistencies in the code fixed and lots of small improvements made overall. You can now reload the chat window or switch Tor-circuits anytime without losing your session. Also there's a bit more CSS used (still degrades gracefully for older browsers) and almost every element got a class or id for the CSS enthusiasts, so you can go crazy with styling individual buttons and boxes everywhere if you like. ;-)



Check the Installation Guide for detailed instructions. Very brief installation instructions are written in the script-file also. If you are on Windows and have trouble with the line encoding (UNIX), you can rename the cgi-file to *.txt and then view it in your browser. Better get a suitable editor though, e.g. Notepad++ which I like a lot.
If you upgrade from v1.14, best is you make a clean install, since some file formats have changed. Don't try to upgrade a running chat directly or strange things will happen! You can then restore your member file backup. The config file could also be restored, but you'll have to review all the settings carefully since the placeholders have changed a lot. Better start with the new defaults and copy over your settings one by one.
For tweaking your chat check out this page with helpful settings and content filters.
Any feedback or bug reports? Please let me know!


Lucky Eddie


Alternative Third-Party Developments

Thank you guys for all your work and ideas!

Questions & Answers

If you're modifying the script or if you're just curious about what the hell I was thinking, when I wrote things the way I did, check out my random thoughts for some questions & answers from me.

Old versions

Still available, in case you want a copy.